Professional Fishing Careers

Modern fishing is quite different than you may think.  Could you make a new life for yourself at sea as a professional fisherman?

Thank you for enquiring about a life at sea.

Particularly as a self-employed share fisherman (or woman) at Bridlington.

We are not here to sugar coat anything and our videos will give you the info you need to have a balanced, honest insight into what could be a great life doing something you can love.
We’ve interviewed real people who are right now working at Sea, and they have gotten out of their comfort zones to tell some inspirational stories in a hope you might be inspired. See more on our social media channels.

You can download an information pack HERE.

Holderness Fishing Industry Group at Bridlington is aware recruitment of crews is an issue across the country not just in Bridlington. So, this campaign aims to get you on the road to just that, to “Get a life at sea!” 

Jamie Robertson

Managing Director, Holderness Fishing Industry Group
Bridlington Harbour

Introductory Video by Jamie Robertson

Bridlington Harbour Tour with Skipper Karl Price

Bridlington Harbourmaster Lawrence Porter

Pete Sanderson: A life at sea

Bridlington: The Lobster Capital of Europe

What is it like going to sea?

Proud to be a Bridlington Fisherman!

James Gladstone: My life at sea

Jack Ibbotson: How I got a life at sea

Is fishing for me?

Will I get rich at sea? What might I earn?


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