Offshore Developing

Working amongst and with Our Fishermen

The Holderness region has an extensive number of stakeholders, creating a spatially diverse and highly dynamic area. The area contains two Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) and one of the United Kingdom's three "No Take Zones". There are currently three offshore wind farms and their associated export cables in the area with an additional three wind farms in development or consultation. Additonally, there are also natural gas exploitation and aggregate extraction sites throughout the region. Underlying all of this modern development is a 300-year old fishing heritage supporting our local community. Most notably, the region is home to Europe’s largest lobster fishery and an extensive, globally-important edible crab and whelk fishery.

Due to the spatial requirements of the fishery, there is often a requirement for offshore developers to request an area to be cleared of fishing gear for evolutions such as surveys or construction work. The Holderness fishery is familiar with these requirements, and agreements are often drawn up for clearance areas. Negotiating and facilitating gear clearance areas needs to consider various factors and it is essential for developers to engage with the fishing industry early in the planning process.

Primary contact can be made to Jamie Robertson (+44 (0)1262 676200 / of the Holderness Fishing Industry Group, and we can engage the potentially affected members.

Marine Scientific Services, Ltd. is able to provide vessel and crew for surveys, gear scouts, guard work, environmental impact assessments, as well as Fishery Industry Representatives (FIRs)/Fisheries Liason Officers (FLOs) representation and other services. 

The fishing fleet is extensive and ranges from small boats (less than 10 m) up to larger boats (greater than 15 m). The fishery is predominantly a static gear fishery, deploying strings of lobster pots along the seabed ranging from 10 – 150 pots in a string. The pots are periodically hauled and redeployed but remain deployed throughout most of the year. 


The Holderness coast is a varied and diverse region!
Our area is rich in so many natural resources that is no wonder it is a busy place with many overlapping interests. I


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