Information for Fishermen

The Yorkshire Ghost Fishing Initiative is a program designed to help Holderness Coast fishermen (both HFIG members and non-members, alike) realise fewer lost pots and gear. This is being done through 1) HFIG using high-resolution sonar to look for your gear based on positions you provide (funded by GrantScape East Coast Community Fund - Orsted) as well as 2) scientific investigations into WHY gear goes missing in our particular area of the North Sea (funded by DEFRA - Fisheries Science Partnership Grant). The goal of the program is to reduce the number of pots that go missing, thus protecting the environment, protecting the fishery, and protecting your investment.

To report positions of lost gear, go to  Your data is protected and any information you provide (including positions) is confidential under GDRP data protection rules. If we locate your lost gear, we will provide you updated coordinates and an image of the seabed showing how the pots are positioned giving you high-quality intel to aid in your recovery efforts.

As we develop and build this web space, feel free to email John at with your specific questions or if you want to get involved. Alternatively, feel free to drop in to our offices at Fish Quay - Bridlington Harbour; details are below.

Our Contact Information

1st Floor, South Pier Fish Quay, Bridlington Harbour  YO15 3AW

Postal Address:

Holderness Fishing Industry Group, The Old Harbour Master's Office, Harbour Road, Bridlington  YO15 2NR


+44 (0) 1262 676200


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