Schedule of Services

Aquarium Space


Tanks are 120cm x 40cm x 40cm with removable partitions to create three equal 40cm cubicles allowing for flexible holding configurations. Total of 47 cubicles available.  Natural seawater is pumped from Bridlington Bay and processed through 50µm bag filters, carbon filter, UV steriliser, sand fluidisation filter, biotower, protein skimmer, and temperature control down to 5˚C.

Bench Fees


Bench space including precision (6kg / 0.1g) and analytical (220g / 0.00001g) balances, Leica S9i digital stereoscope, 18MΩ water system, and on-demand running polished seawater. After-hours access and internet connection are included.

Water Analysis


Results from standard testing methods for both seawater and freshwater conducted by our staff scientists. Individual chemical species and water parameters can be measured in the laboratory or at sea. There are a variety of over 40 individual tests available. A full list is available here.

Scientific Consultation


Direct involvement with project planning, grant application, experimental design, statistical analysis, and report writing.

Scientific Technician


Staff involvement with data collection, instrument set-up/operation, applications for fishing dispensation and live specimen collection, facility orientation and training.

General Technician


Staff involvement with animal husbandry, field assistance, and general labour.

Specimen Collection


At-sea or shoreline collection of live scientific specimens can be arranged. All licences and dispensations must be in place prior to collection (see Scientific Technician, above).

Costings and Pricing


We recognise the frustrations of costing a project and appreciate the desire for prices to be listed directly on the internet, especially during the initial planning stages where contact with the provider may be viewed as premature. We strongly believe in working closely with our clients to deliver an actionable plan to accomplish their goals safely and efficiently. As such, please email ( or telephone (01262 676200) us such that we can informally find out more about your needs even if you have yet to determine a budget for your particular project. If/When the time comes, we will be happy to provide you with written quotations for any of our services you require.


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